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Life of Brian

– Presented by Tonic Classic Film Club –

Tue 15 August 2023 • The Court House

Doors: 7:00pm Starts: 8:00pm • £8 • Film

Welcome to our community club celebrating The Tonic, Bangor’s iconic cinema which sadly burned down in 1992. But we want that love of great films to live on in The Court House.

When first released, this religious satire from the Monty Python team was considered too blasphemous for Belfast. More broadminded Bangor, however, allowed it to be screened at The Tonic in July 1980 where moviegoers had the added spectacle of outraged protestors waving placards. In the 40 years since then, the movie has become accepted as a comic masterpiece. Cleese, Idle, Chapman, Jones, Palin and Gilliam are all on top form as they gleefully ape Hollywood epics such as Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments to ridicule human intolerance and stupidity of every creed. Bangorians can once again gather to enjoy its irreverent genius on the big screen – from Biggus Dickus to “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

Running time: 1hr 34mins