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Dana Masters, Siobhan Brown & Winnie Ama

– A Tribute to Ottilie Patterson –

Fri 18 August 2023 • The Walled Garden

Gates: 7:00pm Starts: 8:00pm • £25 • Music

Open House Festival in association with Oh Yeah Music Centre present

Join us for a very special evening in the company of Dana Masters, Siobhan Brown & her band, Manukahunney and Winnie Ama to celebrate the remarkable voice, legacy and influence of Ottilie Patterson.

One night in 1959, a 27-year-old female singer took to the stage in front of an audience at Smitty’s Corner, Muddy Water’s renowned blues club in Chicago’s South Side. After her stunning performance, a member of the rapturous black audience called out – “Hey lady, you sing real pretty. How come you sing like one of us?”

The singer’s name was Ottilie Patterson and she was from Comber, Co. Down. She was a genuine pioneer and widely acclaimed as the greatest white blues singer of them all.